Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sightings from Silverstone!!

The qualifying was an awesome tribute to speed. Heikki scorched the tracks and Mclaren looked truly at home on their home track!!

Race day dawned with a shadow of rain. Hamilton was a class of his own. With fresh intermediate tires after the first pit stop, there seemed to be nothing to stop him. Ferrari made the tactical error of not changing their set of tires and this mistake proved to be their undoing!!

The silver lining for the dark clouds at Silverstone was the way Mclaren planned their race strategy. It was an amazing home race for Mclaren and the race for the top seat seems to be more scorching than the race itself!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

French Revival

After a couple of disappointing races, France was redemption for Team Ferrari.
The Magny Cours race track has been a Ferrari stronghold and the qualifying session proved just that. It was a Ferrari 1-2. Hamilton was 3rd but lost 10 places due to penalty!!
the race started off just as Ferrari had planed. However Kimi's seemed to have some "exhaust" ing trouble with his car mid way throught he race and he seemed to be losing pace too. Massa rose up to the oppurtunity and took his car triumphantly to the chequered flag.
Lewis seems to be blowing up his chances with his series of bad luck and run ins with the racing stewards ..
It was great driving by Kimi, to lose his exhaust pipe and still holding on to second place.
Massa has grown from strength to strength this season and the Driver's title is up for grabs ...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Felicidades Kimi!!

Bienvenido a EspaƱa said the banners , as they welcomed back the F1 stars to Barcelona...
The qualifiers saw the return of the Spanish matador.. Alonso, who almost tipped Kimi for the pole position. Kimi came back with a blinder of a session to take pole.

The stage was set at Circuit de Catalunya for scorcher of a race... However my hopes of having a good lap was cut short, lights went off and came back after a real long time. By then most of the race was almost over. Many drivers had retired. Kimi was leading , with Massa not far behind...
The race also showed the perill faced by the drivers each time they are behind the wheels. Kovalenein crashed and it just proved, how risky the sport is and also brought in memories of Aryton Senna ....
Barcelona has always been a good hunting ground for Ferrari. It was a Ferrari 1-2 and Lewis bounced back to form with a podium finish.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ferrari kicks up a Desert storm !!!!

The qualifiers at Bahrain was a testimony of the emergence of a new talent , Robert Kubica, who went on to take Pole , followed by Massa and Hamilton. This was just a preview to a magnificent race the next day.
As the lights blinked to declare the race open, Massa drove on like a man possessed, man on a mission . He led the race from the word go. There were no silly gaffes like the last 2 races and he drove on till the chequered flag. Kimi too had a good race but couldn’t match up Massa for speed. He seemed to be content with Massa taking the lead and didn’t try any overtaking maneuvers too. Hamilton had a bad start, having slipped many places by the first corner. Then his near-crash (supposedly deliberate??) with Alonso , pushed him out of contention, even for points.
However it was his attitude which came out during the course of the race. After about 17 laps, he was trailing Fishichella at 13th or 14th position and after many failed attempts to overtake. When he finally did overtake, he gestured to Fishichella for preventing him from overtaking, setting an example of bad sportsmanship.
So glad the Force India team is improving.
So as the Red dust settles in Bahrain, Ferrari must be eyeing their happy hunting ground Barcelona already.
Till then its Adios!!!
Winning is the most important. Everything is consequence of that. Ayrton Senna

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Red " hot curry from Sepang!!!

The qualifying at Sepang, set the stage for a Ferrari 1-2. With Massa grabbing the pole and Kimi hot on his heels, it looked like a mouth watering race... However Mclaren were a little unlucky, with both the drivers being penalized for obstructing other drivers by driving slowly.
With all this excitement in store, fate conspired against me and I missed the race :(
Just saw the highlights, but couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I saw Kimi let down his ice man mask and smile for a change in his post match conference. Massa goofed it for himself, spinning out of control with no outside provocation. Kubica's dream run at Podium continued too.
And Force India completed the race too , so looks like they are learning fast .
Now as the action shifts to Bahrain, hope the cars kick up a real desert storm .....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crash, Bang bang!!!

Crash, Bang bang!!! Thats just how the race began at Albert Park in Melbourne. No sooner had the 5 lights had blinked to herald the begining of the Formula 1 season , the cars at the back of grid bumped into one another and many of them retired even before take off. The Force India team looked more like Air Deccan team rather than the famed Kingfisher. Maybe its because of the Air Deccan takeover, we'll never know.
Lewis started off the race just as he had planned, with no hitches whatsoever. Robert Kubica gave him quite a fight initially, only to lose it towards the 47th lap. This season threw up new faces on the Pdium, joining Lewis there were Nick Heidfeld from BMW and Nico Rosberg Williams.
Ferrari had a poor start to this season with both drivers not completing the race. Kimi started off well, gaining quite a few positions and almost reaching a 2nd position, when an unwanted overtaking manouvere did him in. His engine troubles seemed to palgue him again. Massa too seemed to have some problems, when at the start of the race he plunged into a barrier and had to be rushed to the pits.
Now as I head to the chequered flag in ALbert Park, all roads lead to Sepang cicuit in Malaysia, the season just seems to be getting better!!! So see you all at Malaysia....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Qualifying at Melbourne...

March 15 2008 signaled the beginning of this year’s F1 season. Last season was one of the best I have watched so far. A three way race for Driver’s championship is stuff dreams are made of.
So I am sure everyone is looking forward to this year’ season too. Will it be the Ice man Kimi or the young wonder Lewis or the wild horse Alonso. This only time will tell.
This year’s first qualifiers at Melbourne gave a peek to what lay ahead. Lewis just took off from where he left last year. Scorching the tracks and taking pole position. The blinder from BMW driver Robert Kubica, gave him P2 and new Mclaren man Heikki Kovalainentook P3. Massa could manage only P4. Looks like this season will throw in many surprise winners.
Hoping for a fabulous First race this season.

(and on a parting note wonders good old Kimi and his engine problems, when will they ever end…. Runs off to pray for miracle for him)